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300 psi pressure bicycle fork shock tire portable mini pump SFP11

300 PSI
Fit Presta Schrader
High Pressure Front Fork Pump with Gauge, Air Release Button, Portable Bike Suspension Pump Mini Pump for Bicycle, Shock Absorber, Wheelchair


Multifunctional Use - Fit Presta and Schrader

Not only can be used as bicycle wheelchair shock pump, but also a great bike pump that fit Presta and Schrader valve. It is convenient to switch between the 2 valves. Tighten the air nozzle clockwise to fit the Schrader, and rotate it counterclockwise to pull it out to fit the Presta.

Pressure Gauge & Air Release Button

When pumping in, you can observe the air intake in real time. If there is overpressure, it can be adjusted by pressing the little release button to ensure the accuracy of the inflation.

300PSI Max Fast Inflate

High-quality aluminum alloy material, up to 300psi, faster air intake, saving effort and time. 360° rotatable hose, easy to find the point of force, easy to pump up.

Lightweight Portable Durable

7-tiger bike shock pump is made of aluminum alloy material which is wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant and will not leak after repeated pumping. The high-quality rubber hose is resistant to bending. 146g ultra lightweight, 33cm long when packing, convenient to carry out.

300 psi pressure bicycle fork shock tire portable mini pump with gauge


Material:Lightweight aluminum alloy / plastic

Valve:Smart valve(AV/FV)

Air Pressure:Max300psi/21bar


Length:About 330mm(push in)

Pipe:EPDM long flexible pipe

Used:Bicycle fork / rear shock / tires / balls

Customization: Yes








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