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Cheaper but easy to use mini pump-cycle and ball SMP07

Cycle pumps for bicycle and bike
Size: 22*4.5*2.8cm,
total extraction length: 33cm
Weight: 86g


Made of nylon material, this bicycle pump is durable and not easy to be broken, and there is designed with handle that is convenient for you to old and use, making your inflation more convenient and easier.
This kind of bicycle inflator is suit for mountain bike tire, and the 80PSI air pressure is enough to meet your emergency need.
This kind of bike inflator is designed with small size and light weight, convenient for you to storage and carry when going out, will not take so much space.
This kind of hand inflator is easy to use, and equipped with a air pump pin, convenient for you to inflate to basketball.
Easy to use, this kind of bike pump could inflate for pulling and pushing, saving time and strength for you, and there are 2 nozzles designed for choosing, you can use it without worries.

Material: nylon.
Color: black.
Size: 22*4.5*2.8cm, total extraction length: 33cm.
Air pressure: 80PSI.

Weight: 86gr

Package included:
1x inflator.
1x pump pin.
1x bracket.





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