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Portable 120psi dual valve electric pump with pressure gauge ESP01

Valve:Smart valve(AV/FV)
Air Pressure:Max 120psi / 8.2bar
Weight:About 408g
Length:About 290x32mm
Battery:500mA, 14.8V
Battery Type:1P4S LiFePO4 battery pack


Electric bike pumps are convenient and compact enough for easy storage or transportation; there is not much else you need in a reliable bike pump.

Choosing the right electric bike pump goes a long way toward durability and functionality. Most electric bike pumps will work for car tires in the same way that most electric car tire pumps pump bike tires. However, it is always best to check this compatibility with the tires on your bike before finalizing your purchase.

Featured Materials: Our bike pumps are crafted from a high-precision aluminum alloy CNC machined body with an integrated barometer, extended hose, and a sturdy piston that delivers high pressures up to 120psi.
Ergonomic inflatable handle, non-slip and labor-saving, makes pumping more comfortable and efficient.
BUILT-IN RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: This portable air pump comes with a 500mAh Li-Ion battery that can be charged from devices with a USB port.
SCHRADER + PRESTA VALVE COMPATIBLE: Refined and clever design, switch between Presta and Schrader valves easily and freely, get rid of the adapter, tighten to pump, never worry about the adapter again.
Portable: The aluminum alloy bicycle pump comes with a mounting bracket, which can also be installed on the bicycle.

Product name: Portable bike elictric pump with pressure gauge

Model: SEP01
Material: aluminum alloy + plastic
Air nozzle: American and French general-purpose non-removable air nozzles
Tire pressure: PSI (MAX)
Weight: about 408g
Diameter: 3.3cm
Length: 29.3cm
Charging: TYPE-C universal interface, input voltage 5V
Battery: 500mah lithium battery
Charging time: about 2h
Use environment: use temperature 0-45 ℃

The package includes:
1* Electric inflator (including accessories)









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