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What are the differences between the 3k, 12k and UD?

Que diferencias hay entre el 3k, 12k y UD?

The same description, there are many articles on the Internet, here, I use the most direct way, please see the picture

451 carbon fiber 20" bike rims.jpg

1. 3k matte + basalt brake edge

bmx carbon 406 bike rims.jpg

2. 3k glossy

ud carbon fiber gravel bike wheels.jpg

3. ud matt disc brake

gravel bicycle wheels in 3k twill.jpg

4. 3k twill matt, snake skin, if you like

3k twill carbon fiber.jpg

5. 3k twill + 3k brake edge

12k carbon fiber surface.jpg

6. 12k carbon fiber,  disc & basalt brake edge

paintless carbon fiber wheels.jpg

7. UD paintless carbon fiber surface,  This finish 100% no black, and lighter than the paint,

Like the glossly but beauty than glossy ( Some client called China glossy), Lear more

X-weave carbon fiber weave.jpg

8. X-weave. This is a new winding method, the pattern is not fixed

Kevlar carbon fiber bicycle wheels.jpg

9. The Golden armor kevlar fiber



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