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New finish paintless carbon rims 45mm deep 28mm wide

When the production details are transferred to the mold, the molding process becomes very important,

Every time before production, it is necessary to remove the dust on the mold, which is one of the key steps to obtain a good product.

TRF45S is one of the earliest pilot production models. As a carbon fiber road bike rim that is loved by many people, the depth of neither high nor low determines that TRF45S becomes a hot-selling product


28mm wide 45mm deep paintless carbon rims in matt finsih


This is different from spray paint, spray painted models are always sanded first until all surfaces are flat, then sprayed with clear black paint


Drain hole at 9 o'clock


No paint-covered tire grooves, all details become visible


Close-up of drain hole


Weight 400gr, 

Maybe not the lightest, but we provide a 2-year warranty. If you are a professional cyclist and usually pay attention to the road you ride, 3-5 years will not be a problem. For carbon fiber bicycle wheels, the most worrying thing is stones.




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