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Unpainted carbon fiber bicycle rims

Unpainted carbon fiber bicycle rims

Since 2020, we have been researching how to make a more environmentally friendly and beautiful carbon fiber bicycle rim. After 2 years of research and development, finally in 2022, we officially started to sell this paintlss bicycle rim.

This unpainted carbon fiber bicycle rim has the following features:

1. The production environment has higher requirements. It needs to be completed in a dust-free production workshop. Dust in the air is a key factor affecting the yield. We try to minimize the impact of dust.

2. A more scratch-resistant appearance, when you use a painted bicycle rim, if it hits the ground, it will damage the paint, because the paint on the surface of the rim has a thickness of 0.02mm, even if we use it very carefully, but this It is inevitable. If you choose an unpainted carbon fiber bike rim, you will reduce paint bumps by 95%.

3. Lighter weight, because it has not been sanded and painted, it will be lighter than the painted rim.

4. Using high modulus M40 carbon fiber yarn to make the rim of this surface, the cost is higher, but it is stronger and has a longer service life, we provide 2 years of after-sales service, as long as there is no accident during use , basically can be used for 3-5 years.

5. Not every mold can produce this surface, only the latest models can be produced, because the mold needs to be very clean.

We mainly recommend a rim width of 28/30mm for road bikes

Please enjoy these beautiful Paintless carbon rims.

Unpainted carbon fiber bicycle rims 02.jpg

Unpainted carbon fiber bicycle rims 04.jpg

Unpainted carbon fiber bicycle rims 14.jpg

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