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230 psi aluminum alloy bicycle floor pump with pressure gauge SAL03

Durable, painted-steel barrel and plastic base, ergonomic padded handle, and extra-long 360° pivot hose all make it easy to pump tires
SAL03 pump head fits Presta, Schrader, and Dunlop valves 316.85 cc air volume per stroke, Includes ball/bladder heads and a hose dock


Large Accurate Gauge

 This bike floor pump has a 2.5”large top-mounted gauge which is accurate and clear to read. Industrial level gauge super accurate, if you do overfill your tires, there is also a red air bleed button built into the pump head to make minor adjustments if necessary.

Ease of Attachment/Detachment

The bike pump comes with an excellent pump head. The head connects automatically to Schrader, Presta, and Dunlop valves with no adjustment whatsoever. Push the head down onto any valve you've got, lock the lever, and get pumping.

Generous Length Air Hose

 The air hose is a generous 47.2 inches long, and originates near the top of the pump, making it a breeze to reach one's tire valve in any position, even up on a raised surface or in a work stand.

Highly Durable

Ergonomic anti-skid handle, high volume steel barrel and base wide and stable, the overall construction is robust and sturdy. Ball Needle Stored in Handle- Ball needles for balls, swimming rings, air beds stored in handle, super cute design.

High pressure bicycle floor pump with pressure gauge


Material:Lightweight aluminum alloy

Valve:Smart valve(AV/FV)

Air volume:A single air volume can reach 316.8cc

Air Pressure:Max 230psi / 16bar

Weight:About 1080g

Length:About 66cm(push in)

           About 112cm(pull out

Pipe:EPDM long flexible pipe

Used:Bikes/moto cycles/cars/balls

Accessories: ball needle, storage box

Customization: Yes


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