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230 psi Floor standing plastic inflator with pressure gauge sal09

Valve: Schrader / Presta
Precision Gauge: PSI / Bar
Max Pressure: 230 PSI / 16 Bar
Height: 590mm


7-Tiger plastic tube floor standing pump with pressure gauge and air filling adaptors

Max Pressure: 230PSI/16BAR making this suitable for filling bicycle tyre, car tyre and inflatable toys

Height: 59cm - reducing pressure on your back and making it super-easy to fill your tyres with air - Robust construction with premium quality steel tube built to last a lifetime - ABS hard plastic handle/foot base with 2" pressure gauge.

Long rubber hose with multi-function nozzles included for filling cars, motorcycles or bicycle tyres, air mattresses or inflatable toys - Additional nozzles have their own compartment, so they'll be stored safely when not in use - Max Pressure: 230PSI/16BAR - Reversible Presta / Schrader valves

With this universal and sturdy air pump from Goodyear, the inflation of car tyres, bicycle tyres, footballs and much more is a breeze. With the sturdy base, the air pump is fixed to the floor and ensures a sturdy footing. Thanks to the pump head with two nozzles and air seal, you will not have any pressure loss when attaching the connector to the valve.

230 psi Floor standing plastic inflator with pressure gauge sal09


Material:Temperature resistant plastic

Valve:AV / FV

Gauge: 230PSI visual hairspring pressure gauge

Air Pressure:Max 230psi/16 bar

Air volume:A single air volume can reach 316.8cc

Weight:About 785g

Length:About 590mm

Pipe:EPDM flexible pipe

Used:Bikes/moto cycles/cars/balls

Customization: Yes







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