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M80 Cross-country Carbon Mtb Wheels 29 | XC wheelset Ratchet 36t

M80 carbon fiber mountain bike wheels 29
Straight pull boost 148 x 12mm, 110 x 15mm axis
Pillar, Sapim cx-ray spokes
23mm, 25mm, 27mm, 30mm inner wide carbon fiber mtb rims
3k/ud/12k/3k twill weave



M80 Carbon Fiber 29 in XC mountain bicycle wheelsets

Higher radial, lateral and torsional stiffness

Less spoke tension loss over time

Longer durability

Fewer maintenance efforts like re-truing

1. Rims model:


2. Rim weight:

TMC9330 320g,  TME9330 320g,  TME9325 310g

TME92  360g,   TMC927  365g,  TME923  290g

TMC9236  370g,  TME9236  370g,  TME925   290g

3. Bicycle rims weave:


4. Hub:

Straight pull boost mtb hub

148 x 12mm rear, 110 x 15mm front

Ratchet 36T

XD 12s, Shimano 11s, Micro spline freebody

28H spoke holes

Center lock disc rotor

Black glossy surface

309 grams XD


5. Spokes:

Pillar 1420 / CN424

6. Nipples: 

Black brass prolock nipples

7. Wheelset weight:

TMC9330  1229+/-5% grams

TME9330  1229+/-5% grams

TME9325  1209+/-5% grams

TME926  1309+/-5% grams

TMC927  1319+/-5% grams

TME923  1169+/-5% grams

TMC9236  1329+/-5% grams

TME9236  1329+/-5% grams

TME925    1169+/-5% grams

8. Rider max weight:


9.Wheel Accuracy: 

Wheel roundness tolerance: ≤0.3mm 

Wheel lateral tolerance: ≤0.3mm 

Wheel center tolerance: ≤0.3mm 

10. Warranty:

2 years in normal used

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