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TMC9330 29er carbon mtb bike rims 30mm wide 30mm depth

Model: TMC9330
Rim weight:320g+/-15gr XC
Rim out wide: 30mm
Rim inner wide: 25mm
Rim depth: 30mm
Description:Product can be used on XC mountain bike wheels


A popular model, widely used in XC bike wheels, Gravel bike wheelset.

The inner width of 25mm and the height of 30mm optimize the stacking of carbon fibers, which makes this model not light to be broken while ensuring light weight.


Item No.: TMC9330

Size: 29 Inch

Material: Full Carbon Toray T700 & T800

Type: hookless (Tubeless Ready)

Weight: 325g±15

ERD: 580mm

Inner Width:  25mm

Outer Width: 30mm

Depth:  30mm

Max Spoke Tension:  140kgf

Max Weight Limit:  110kg

Braking  System: Disc Brake

Applicable Bicycle: XC  Mountain Bicycles

Appearance: UD/3K/12K

Finishing: Matte/Glossy

Standard: En Standard

Assembly Hole Dia: 8.5mm

Spoke Hole Dia: 4.5mm

Valve Hole Dia: 6.5mm


29er carbon mtb xc bike rims tmc9330-7.jpg

A purpose-built XC wheelset without limitations. Reduced fatigue and a more compliant ride through shape, laminate, and spoke-hole optimization.

Modern XC racers and riders demand equal uphill to downhill performance, lightweight, durability, and vertical compliance for long hours in the saddle.

Carbon fiber is responsible for unlocking the potential of bigger and wider on mountain bikes. Today, riders can improve comfort, efficiency, and control by adapting their mountain bikes perfect for the terrain and trails. Undoubtedly, this means they can go further and faster with more confidence. Compliment increased tire volume and rim width with a modern XC tread, and you’ve got an effective system, maximized for the up and down trail. The result is a purpose-built full carbon fiber XC wheelset that is lighter, wider, and more vertically compliant without sacrificing strength or reliability. 

This 29er mtb XC rim has a 30mm internal width, giving a good and square profile to tires without being overly draggy.

Super lightweight, rim constructed with premium Toray T700 & T800 carbon fiber, best strength to weight ratio with no expense spared.

Impact Resistant Construction. Carbon rims feature a layer of composite material that increases the impact strength and helps distribute energy and shock from impacts to the rim. 

Smooth Wall Tec. No folded prepreg during curing, smooth both inside and outside rim wall to reduce potential quality issues.

Carbon Strip Reinforcement. Use unique carbon strip to strengthen the spoke tension and stabilize rim structure and reduce the rim weight.

Hookless Rim Bead. Hookless rim bead more straight and smooth side walls, tire can touch rim walls fully. More durable and impact resistance compared to the traditional hooks rim.

Tubeless Ready. Beadlock design makes the rims better tubeless tire setup and better sealing, results a more lightweight carbon wheels.

Angled spoke holes allows the nipple to pull straight in line with the spoke for reduced stress, this results in fewer broken spokes and nipples.