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TME9038 asymmetric rim 38mm carbon 29 inch carbon rims mtb

TME9038 asymmetric rim profile carbon 29 inch carbon rims mtb


Item No.: TME9038

Size: 29 Inch

Material: Full Carbon Toray T700 & T800

Type: hookless (Tubeless Ready)

Weight:  AM 460±15g

ERD: 600mm

Inner Width:  30mm

Outer Width: 38mm

Depth:  20mm

Max Spoke Tension:  140kgf

Max Weight Limit:  110kg

Braking  System: Disc Brake

Applicable Bicycle: AM Mountain Bicycles

Appearance: UD/3K/12K

Finishing: Matte/Glossy

Standard: En Standard

Assembly Hole Dia: 8.5mm

Spoke Hole Dia: 4.5mm

Valve Hole Dia: 6.5mm



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