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M50 Disc Brake Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike Wheels 29

M50 boost bicycle wheelset for xc biking
25mm,27mm, 30mm inner wide carobn rims 29er
Pillar ultra-light spokes 1420
XD 12s, Shimano 11s, Micro splline
Center lock disc brake rotor


M50 Carbon Fiber 29 in XC mountain bicycle wheelsets

Higher radial, lateral and torsional stiffness

Less spoke tension loss over time

Longer durability

Fewer maintenance efforts like re-truing

1. Rims model:


2. Rim weight:

TMC9330 320g,  TME9330 320g,  TME9325 310g

TME92  360g,   TMC927  365g,  TME923  290g

TMC9236  370g,  TME9236  370g,  TME925   290g

3. Bicycle rims weave:


4. Hub:

Straight pull boost mtb hub

148 x 12mm rear, 110 x 15mm front

6 palws

XD 12s, Shimano 11s, Micro spline freebody

28H spoke holes

Center lock disc rotor

Black glossy surface

365 grams XD


5. Spokes:

Pillar 1420 / CN424

6. Nipples: 

Black brass prolock nipples

7. Wheelset weight:

TMC9330  1288+/-5% grams

TME9330  1288+/-5% grams

TME9325  1268+/-5% grams

TME926  1358+/-5% grams

TMC927  1368+/-5% grams

TME923  1218+/-5% grams

TMC9236  1358+/-5% grams

TME9236  1378+/-5% grams

TME925  1218+/-5% grams

8. Rider max weight:


9.Wheel Accuracy: 

Wheel roundness tolerance: ≤0.3mm 

Wheel lateral tolerance: ≤0.3mm 

Wheel center tolerance: ≤0.3mm 

10. Warranty:

2 years in normal used

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