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SR021 6 pawls rim brake road bicycle carbon hub

Front 18 holes, rear 21 hoels.

Weight: 300gr ( Front 89gr, rear 211gr)



SR021 6 pawls rim brake road bicycle carbon hub

Material:  Al6061-T6 ;AL7075-6 axis 

Model: SR021

Spoke holes:  Front 18 holes, Rear 21 holes (2:1)

O.L.D: 100 x 5mm;130 x 5mm 

Freebody:  Shimano 11s, 6 pawls

Sealed bearings Front 2 and Rear 4 Bearings

Weight:  300gr ( Front 89gr, rear 211gr)

Brake rotor:  Rim brake

Color: Black

Finish: anode 

Warranty:  12 months 

Shape: Customized as your request 

It is easy to replacement hub of a wheels.

Spoke length reference

The 300g straight-pull road bicycle wheel rim brake is designed for lightweight people, with 18 holes in the front wheel and 

21 holes in the rear wheel, and adopts a 2:1 spoke design to ensure light weight without reducing the tension of the spokes.




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