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DT Swiss 240 EXP hub straightpull non-disc 20-24 holes

Original DT Swiss 240 Road C V Brake Bike Hubs 10s 11 Front 20h Rear 24 Holes Shaft 100*9/130*10MM Road Bicycle Hub 11 Sp


Simple Maintenance

Our hubs are also known for the notool technology. We also found a way to further improve this system and make maintenance even simpler, by a small change of the endcaps.

Freehub Body Conversion

Simplified due to easier disassembly.

Less Weight

Not only the reliability improved. The fusion of ratchet and threaded ring reduces the number of single parts of the system what offers an important advantage.

Less Wear

A single cylindrical spring ensures faster full engagement and thus increases reliability.

Superior Reliability

The full engagement of the ratchets creates a large contact surface and therefore low surface pressure that leads to superior reliability.

Increased Bearing Lifetime

The integration of the bearing into the threaded ring allows the bearing distance to be maximized. The increased distance further supports the axis, which results in less deflection of the axle and thus protects the bearings and increases their lifetime.


Front hub

Weight: 108g

Area of use: Road

Pitch circle left: 30.6mm

Pitch circle right: 30.6mm

Flange distance left: 38.3mm

Flange distance right: 38.3mm

Spoke bore diameter: 2.5mm


Rear hub

Weight: 199g

Area of use: Road

Pitch circle left: 37.2mm

Pitch circle right: 44.1mm

Flange distance left: 33.4mm

Flange distance right: 15.7mm

Spoke bore diameter: 2.5mm





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