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What is the difference? between standard with flyweight.

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What is the difference? between standard with flyweight carbon rim

     In our rim products, there are 2 different weight versions of the same rim model, and their differences are not only in the weight difference.

     When choosing a weight version, many buyers will struggle with which version is right for them. The standard weight and Flyweight are the following differences.



Who is it for?

Middleweight riders of most riding types (XC, road, all-mountain, general trail riding, and even light Enduro).

What is the Standard style?

The rims we make with our standard layup are made exclusively with Toray T700. The production process is simplified when using one primary fabric type. Toray T700 has a nice balance of stiffness, weight, and strength, making it a great choice for the high-value rim.



What is Flyweight?

Our Flyweight layup is significantly different from our other styles. We still use T700, but also introduce Toray’s T800, which is lighter and stiffer in comparison. Rims that are exclusively made with T800 are too stiff and can become brittle, so we use a blend.

Typically there is more stress introduced between the T700 and T800 layers because of the stiffness difference between material types. We solve this by using thinner unidirectional prepregs with a very low fiber areal weight which allows for a more adjustable layup. Since there are many more layers to build up the same thickness of a standard or HD rim, it’s more time consuming to perform the layup and there is significantly more material used. Internally, we vary the thickness at the nipple bed to reinforce the spoke holes while eliminating excess material in between.

The result? Flyweight rim comes in with an incredible lightweight, but also inevitably with a bit of compromises in strength and stiffness.

Who is it for?

Our Flyweight layup is suitable for paved road, cross country, and XC marathon riders or for those looking to build the lightest wheels. The weight limit is 90kg (198lbs).



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